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Safe Crossings in North Coventry

A temporary crosswalk ensures pedestrians a safe passage at West Main Street.

Follow the rainbow feet! North Coventry Township has installed a temporary crosswalk at W. Main Street and S. Hanover Street as part of Greater Valley Forge's (GVF) Streets for All Program. The crosswalk was installed on October 20th, and will be at this intersection for about three months. In addition to the temporary crosswalk, the project also included a public survey earlier this year.

North Coventry's partnership with GVF and its Streets for All Program is part of an initiative to ensure the safety of pedestrians in the South Pottstown area of the Township and encourage alternative forms of transportation. North Coventry states that its goal with the project is "to make living, working and visiting our parks safe and accessible to all." Riverside Park and York Street Park are located in South Pottstown.

The Streets for All Program encourages communities to invest in infrastructure that "supports residents of all ages and abilities to make trips by walking and cycling- because it is convenient, affordable and promotes a healthy lifestyle." To learn more about Streets for All and its other projects across the state, visit

Unveiling of the crosswalk on November 16th

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