Tri-County Trail Study

PARRC Strategic


Greater Pottstown Trails Feasibility Stu

Douglass Township

Open Space Plan

East Coventry Township Open

Space Plan

2006 Open Space Plan 1.jpg

PARRC was recently awarded funding from several grant programs to embark on the development of a 5-year Strategic Plan. 

It is currently underway and should be

completed by the end of the year.  

Lower Pottsgrove

Township Open 

Space Plan

OS Plan Ch 1 Cover TOC Summary 1.jpg

North Coventry

Township Open 

Space Plan

Excerpts from Fed of North CCC Plan-1 co

Pottstown Borough Comprehensive


Pottstown Borough Comprehensiv 2014_FINA

Upper Pottsgrove Township Open 

Space Plan

2019UpperPottsgroveOpenSpacePlan_Web 1.j

West Pottsgrove Township Open 

Space Plan

WestPottsOSP 1.jpg

Pottstown Metropolitan

Regional Planning Committee

Comprehensive Plan

pmrpc_compplan_final_web 1.jpg

Chester County Landscapes 3

Landscapes3 1.jpg

Research Report

In 2019, PARRC undertook a research

study of how our parks are used. We

performed an inventory of the facilities,

observed users and performed user


Montgomery County Trail Access, Diversity & Awareness Report


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