Support Pottstown Area Regional Recreation Committee

Volunteer:  You can assist our PARRC members by serving on their Park & Recreation Boards; donating a few hours of your time by helping with park cleanups, community events and recreation programs and other park-related needs.  If you are interested, you can go to our CONTACT page and fill out the form, give us a call or contact the PARRC member directly. 


There are several ways to support our organization:





Internship:  PARRC employs resident interns to assist us with various projects at different times of the year. The internship is part-time.  We are interested in students who have a related background in park and recreation, landscape architecture, planning, municipal management or other related fields.  In the past, we inventoried park facilities, performed user observations, conducted surveys of park users experiences and evaluated recreation programs. 


We are now seeking interns to assist us with implementing our Strategic Plan.  Several initiatives

we are seeking help with include: Update our Facilities Inventory; Website Design; Marketing/Brand Recognition; Developing a Volunteer Program; Revenue Sustainability; Sponsorships; Streamlining Maintenance Practices; Sustainability and Organizational Management. 

If you are interested, you can go to our CAREERS page and read the job description and then send a resume to Craig Colistra at:


Donation: If you are interested in making a financial donation to:

  • Support our organization

  • Contribute to the construction of a facility

  • Sponsor a recreation program, community event or festival 

  • Purchase a park bench

  • Plant a new tree or garden

See Below 

How to Donate

All checks should be payable to:

Pottstown Area Regional Recreation Committee


and can be mailed to: 

Pottstown Area Regional Recreation Committee

140 College Drive

Pottstown, PA 19464

We are exploring becoming a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization. At this time, donations are not tax refundable.