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Douglass Township

Douglass Park

The Township has completed renovations to the main entrance to Douglass Park.  It includes the addition of a sidewalk from E. Philadelphia Ave. to the park; conversion of its existing parking lot to a green parking lot that contains stormwater infiltration islands, porous paving, new ADA accessible parking spaces, LED lighting and plantings.  The basketball courts were resurfaced and a new pavilion was added.


Tree Health

The Township recently completed the evaluation of its trees within Douglass Park for health and safety concerns.  Mitigation measures will take place over the next 5 years.


Pavilion Upgrade

The Township recently completed the renovations to the large pavilion and playground.  A new pavilion replaced the older, deteriorating one and new swings, benches, an ADA accessible walk and trees were added.  

Smith Road Park

Gathering by the Stream

The Township recently added a new pavilion and bike rack to the park. Diseased or dead ash trees were taken down in the park to improve safety and the parking area was resurfaced.

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