Upper Pottsgrove Township



Althouse Arboretum – 17.2 acres
Mostly Wooded, Stone and Earthen Pathways, Pavilion,
Meadow, Open Space with Lawn, Low Ropes Course,
Outdoor Classrooms, Administration Building,
Recreation/Camp/Environmental Programs,
Parking Lot

Heather Place Community Park  - 6.37 acres
Playground, Pavilion, Picnic Tables, Basketball Court,
Open Space with Lawn, Parking Lot

Hoffman/Kulp Fields – 9.7 acres
Baseball/Softball Fields (2), Open Space with Lawn,
Parking Lot

Hollenbach Park/Mocharniuk Meadows – 25.2/ 6 acres
Woodland, Open Space with Lawn, Soccer Fields (2),
Playground, Swings, Earthen Trails, Fox Run stream runs through it, Parking Lots (2)

Prout Farm Park – 58.4 acres
Woodland, Meadow, Community Garden, Stone Pathway,
Sprogels Run stream runs through it, Small Parking Lot

Sunset Park – 27 acres
Woodland, Small Pavilion, Picnic Tables, Stone Trail, 
Sprogels Run stream runs through it, Small Parking Lot

Sussell Park – 19 acres
Open Space with Lawn and trees, Pond, Earthen Loop Pathway, Small Parking Lot


Map - 2016 February Parks & Open Spaces

Chestnut Grove Park – 12.83 acres
Soccer Field, Benches, Woodland, Sprogels Run

stream runs through it

Fox Hill Trail – 27.51 acres
Woodland, Earthen Pathway, Fox Run

stream runs through it

Cherry Tree Farms Park - 1.5 acres
Playground, Open Space with Lawn

and Trees