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Grant Funding 

Effecting Positive Change with Public and Private Funding 

One of the most important functions of PARRC staff is to assist the PARRC municipalities in obtaining grant funding for projects. Since 2015, over $5.6M in grant funding has been awarded to the municipalities of the PARRC region for park, recreation and trail planning and development projects. Funding has been awarded from a combination of public sources at the regional, county and state levels and as well as private foundations.

  • Douglass Township - $608,755  Awarded

  • East Coventry Township – $1,087,031  Awarded

  • Lower Pottsgrove Township - $492,850  Awarded

  • North Coventry Township - $826,266  Awarded

  • Pottstown Borough - $1,256,300  Awarded

  • Upper Pottsgrove Township – $687,900  Awarded

  • West Pottsgrove Township - $548,246  Awarded

  • Washington Township - $20,000 Awarded​

  • Regional Projects - $166,750.00  Awarded


Sapplings planted with PARRC grant funding
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