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Park & Trail Development 

  • Douglass Township - Douglass Park Green Parking Lot & Site Renovations; Basketball Court Resurfacing and Access Improvements, Smith Park & Libor Park Master Plans.


  • East Coventry Township  - Wayfinding & Signage for all parks; Tow Path Park Master Plan; Trail Renovation Projects, Tow Path Park Engineering.

  • Lower Pottsgrove Township - Gerald Richards Park Green Parking Lot, Accessibility, Storm Water Management & Recreation Field Improvements.

  • North Coventry Township - Hanover Meadows Park & Master Plan; Kenilworth Park Overlook Entrance Concept Plan; Riverbend Park Anderson Field Parking Lot Renovations & Playground Improvements; Pigeon Creek Bridge; Riverside Park Floating Dock Construction, Riverside Park Pickleball Courts Development.

  • Pottstown Borough - Manatawny Green “Bike Pottstown” Shelter; Memorial Park Playground and Site Renovations; Nature Based Play Space; Riverfront Park Pollinator Garden & Pavilion, Potts Drive Park Improvements, Spruce Street Park Basketball Courts, Washington West Park Playground Improvements.

  • Upper Pottsgrove Township – Open Space Plan Update; Fox Hill & Sunset Park Trail Improvements, Hollenbach Park Master Plan.

  • West Pottsgrove Township - Murgia Park Trail, Pedestrian Bridge & Streambank Stabilization, Site amenities, signage and access improvements at Howard Street and Vine Street Parks

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