Multi-municipal Projects

Tri-County Trail Study

Greater Pottstown Trails Feasibility Stu

With the assistance of the DVRPC, PARRC completed a regional trail study that focused on expanding the regional trail system to connect to the Circuit Trail. Implementation is currently underway.

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Park Use Study

With the assistance of a research interns, PARRC completed a study that observed how the parks are used by residents and visitors. 

Park Facility Inventory


With the assistance of a research intern, PARRC has inventoried and assessed the facilities in the region's parks.

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Park Use Survey

PARRC has conducted a survey of park users to collect input about their experiences in the region's parks. 

Playground Evaluations

PARRC evaluates and inspects its playgrounds for safety concerns with the help of a Certified Playground Safety Inspector.  


Infrared Sensors

PARRC has installed 20 infrared sensors along its trails and park entrances to count user numbers and track changes in use over time.