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East Coventry Township

Ellis Woods Park – 71 acres
Playgrounds-2, Pickleball Courts-3, Half-court Basketball-1, Pavilions-permanent, 1 seasonal, Picnic Tables, Benches, Accessible Loop Path 
Woodland, Meadows, Agricultural Fields, Earthen Trails, Open Space with Lawn and Trees, Parking Lots-2

Towpath Park – 7.5 acres
Playground, Pavilions-2, Picnic Tables, Benches, Boat Dock and Ramp Adjacent to Schuylkill River, Open Space with Lawn and Trees, Parking Lots-2

Nature Preserve – Schoolhouse Tract – 82.26 acres, Agricultural Fields, Meadow, 
Earthen Loop Trail, Benches, Small Parking Lot

Maack Meadow – 58.3 acres
Agricultural Fields, Meadow, Earthen Trails, Connection to Kulp Woods across street, Benches

Kulp Woods - 16.6 acres 
Mostly woods with earthen paths, Trail along Pigeon Creek, Benches, small parking lot.

East Coventry Township Parks Map
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