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East Coventry Township

Wayfinding & Entrance Signage Township-wide

With grant funding, the Township developed new entrance, wayfinding & directional signage for all Township parks in the Township. The first Installation of signs was at Ellis Woods Park.  In 2022, two park entrance signs were installed in East Coventry Preserve with funding from the Schuylkill Highlands Mini Grant Program.

New sign at Ellis Woods Park
New pickleball courts sign
New sign in East Coventry Township
New sign for East Coventry Nature Preserve
New trails map at Ellis Woods
New trail markers
Ellis Woods Park Interpretive Sign

Trail Repairs and Improvements

East Coventry recently made improvements to trails in Ellis Woods Park and other open space areas of the township. Improvements included regrading, surfacing and drainage. The Schuylkill River Trail has been extended through Towpath Park.

SRT in Tow Path.jpg
Sign in Towpath Park

Towpath Park

The Towpath Park Master Plan was completed in 2021. Engineering for the new park design is underway. The township is seeking funds to begin construction of recommended improvements, including trails, new parking, and increased ADA access. Construction may begin in late 2023.

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