PARRC collaborates as a multi-municipal planning group to improve parks, recreational opportunities and open spaces in the Region by supporting the following initiatives:

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  • Local Parks and Recreation - coordinate regional recreation planning efforts by positioning local park facilities and recreation programs as an essential service.

  • Health and Wellness - support the community to embrace healthier lifestyles by strengthening connections between outdoor recreation and health for people of all ages and abilities.

  • Tourism and Economic Development - attract local and regional residents and tourists to enjoy our recreation resources by organizing and marketing outdoor recreation and cultural assets with business entrepreneurs.

  • Resource Management and Stewardship - implement better planning for parks and recreation by maintaining and sharing our recreation resources to minimize the use of tax dollars.

  • Funding and Financial Stability - effect positive change with funding opportunities available to us by ensuring that existing and new revenue sources are stable and support recreation.   

  • Regional Partnerships - support, contribute to the sustainability of and collaborate with organizations in the Region.