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The Pottstown Area Regional Recreation Committee (PARRC) was a sub-committee of the Pottstown Metropolitan Regional Planning Committee (PMRPC).


PMRPC was established in 2005. It is comprised of six Montgomery County municipalities: the townships of New Hanover, Douglass, Lower, Upper and West Pottsgrove, and the Borough of Pottstown, and two Chester County municipalities, East Coventry and North Coventry Townships. Its intent is to ensure smarter growth in the region, improved management of future development and protection of the area's unique historical, cultural and natural amenities. PMRPC's Comprehensive Plan has become one of the largest multi-municipal planning efforts in Pennsylvania. PMRPC meets on a monthly basis.

PARRC was established in 2012 and was initially comprised of representatives from six municipalities: the townships of Douglass, Lower, Upper and West Pottsgrove, North Coventry and the Borough of Pottstown; Pottstown Area Health and Wellness Foundation (PAHWF); the PA Department of Conservation & Natural Resources (DCNR) and in partnership with Schuylkill River Greenway Association (SRGA), and Montgomery County. PARRC meets on a monthly basis.


In 2019, PARRC was joined by a new member, East Coventry

Township, bringing the total to seven municipalities. In October of 2020, PARRC became an independent organization. In 2022, Washington Township, Berks County became the eighth to join PARRC


The Pottstown Area Regional Recreation Coordinator position originated from the 2009 Recreation Needs Study developed by Penn State University. It was implemented in 2014 through a DCNR Circuit Rider grant and funding by the PARRC members and the Pottstown Area Health and Wellness Foundation. The responsibilities of the Regional Recreation Coordinator consist of: 

•  Grant writing & administration

•  Park planning & design

•  Assess community needs and interests

•  Park inventory & evaluation

•  Facilitate coordination of recreation resources

•  Marketing and event promotion

•  Establish/build relationships with community stakeholders

•  Advocate for local parks and recreation

When PARRC became an independent organization, the title of the

Pottstown Area Regional Recreation Coordinator changed to the Pottstown Area Regional Recreation Planner.

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