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Upper Pottsgrove Township

2019 Upper Pottsgrove Open Space Plan

Open Space Plan

In 2020, using grant funding, the Township updated its 2006 Open Space Plan.

Trail improvements in Upper Pottsgrove

Sunset Park and Fox Hill
Trail Improvements

Trail improvements were made in 2020 and 2021 at Sunset Park and Fox Hill Trail. The improvements included new surfacing, split rail fencing and improved storm water management facilities.

Fox Hill Trail Foliage

Hollenbach Park Master Plan

In 2020, the township was awarded a PAHWF grant to prepare a master plan for the 23-acre Hollenbach Park with the assistance of CMC Engineering. The plan was completed in December 2022. Click on the image below to see the final design.

Sussell Park Tree Planting

In 2021, the township was awarded a PECO Green Region grant to replant trees in Sussell Park. Roughly 45 trees were  removed due to damage by the emerald ash borer. 45 new native trees were planted in fall of 2022.

Sussell Park saplings
Hollenbach Park Master Plan
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