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Preserving Land in East Coventry Township

At the beginning of June, it was announced that Natural Lands helped protect two properties in East Coventry Township. Natural Lands has placed conservation easements on the 25-acre Kulp property, a small farm, as well as a 14-acre parcel which is made up of pasture, crop fields, and woodlands. Since 2017, Natural Lands has helped conserve five properties in the township, totaling 165 acres. The protection of the properties and undeveloped land is crucial in protecting the water quality of Pigeon Creek. The water from Pigeon Creek flows into the Schuylkill River and ultimately merges into the Delaware River, which is the source of drinking water for 15 million people.

PARRC member Karen Nocella, the East Coventry supervisor and Open Space Committee chairperson, expressed her gratitude in the article by Natural Lands. As Chester County grows, it is important to protect the natural resources, and luckily, the residents and community show great support in the conservation of the land. Chester County Department of Parks and Preservation as well as East Coventry Township provided the funding for the conservation of the two properties.

Here is the link to the article to read more in detail:

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