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New Play Equipment Installed at Douglass Park

Calling all tots, a new playground has come to Douglass Park and is in need of some breaking in! The equipment caters to 2-5 year-olds and is the newest in a series of improvements being made to the park.

The new equipment was installed using grant money awarded by the Pottstown Metropolitan Regional Planning Commission mini grant program, funded by PADCNR. The grant awarded a total of $25,000 dollars to Douglass Township to fund the play equipment and its installation. In addition to the playground, the Township has plans to make more improvements to the park down the line.

In the last few years, Douglass park has undergone changes to improve ADA access to various park amenities and renovated their basketball courts using both private and publicly funded grants. Along with the playground, further improvements that are planned for the near future include resurfacing the tennis courts, converting a tennis court into pickleball courts, and resurfacing and making repairs to the trails in the park. These improvements will be made again using both private and publicly funded grants.

It's the Township and PARRC's hope that improvements like this will allow Douglass Park to become more and more accessible to a broader range of people over time and better benefit its community.

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