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New Pickleball Courts: Kind of a Big Dill

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Pickleball is the new trendy sport around the PARRC area; now we have NEW COURTS at Riverside Park! (Located on Schuylkill Ave in North Coventry Township past the Quoit Club). The courts are looking fresh and ready to be filled up with players! Pickleball is a court game that uses elements of ping pong, tennis, and badminton to create a family friendly game that can be played indoors or outside.

In the PARRC region, in addition to the new courts at Riverside Park in North Coventry, pickleball courts can be found in East Coventry Township at Ellis Woods Park (855 Ellis Woods Road, Pottstown), as well as indoor courts at the 422 Sportsplex and the Pottstown YMCA.

For more information about pickleball’s history and its popularity in the Pottstown area, read our blog post, Pickleball: Nothing to Do with Pickles.

Project funding included $17,500 from the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation and $19,000 in cash and township labor from North Coventry Township. This project improves the community, not only by aesthetics, but also through community athletics! Get outside, be healthy, and enjoy the great, sunny weather!

(Photograph: PARRC)

Do you know how to play Pickleball?

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  • Not, well...

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Written by: Haley Brooks

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