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Hollenbach Park Master Plan Completion

Project Background

Hollenbach Park is a 24-acre park facility located at 1390 N. Hanover Street, across the street from Pottsgrove Middle School in Upper Pottsgrove Township. A park master plan project, underway for the last year, is complete. The master plan project was funded through a $17,000 grant from the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation, with $17,000 in matching funds provided by Upper Pottsgrove Township. Upper Pottsgrove selected CMC Engineers to work with the township to prepare the master plan. Community outreach included publicly advertised meetings where residents offered input and comments on the proposed plan as well as key person interviews with community stakeholders. Two concept plans were developed and revised according to public and Committee input. The township’s Open Space and Recreation Board provided project oversight.

Park Features

In addition to redevelopment of two multi-use playing fields, the master plan proposes a new, paved one-mile loop trail around the park perimeter, two pickleball courts, a basketball court, a playground, an 18-hole disc golf course, concessions building, pavilion, restrooms and additional parking areas. The master plan also recommends the development of a formal crosswalk on N. Hanover Street at the entrance to the Middle School to increase safety for pedestrians crossing this road. Hollenbach Park will connect to a planned stone surface trail (the Falcon Trail) on the Middle School property that will lead to the Coddington View neighborhood. This trail segment will be developed through a partnership between the township and Pottsgrove School District, with funding from Tri-County Community Network and the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation. The park will also connect to existing trails in the adjacent Mocharniuk Meadows open space.

Next Steps

Implementation of the master plan will take several years and will follow a phased development approach. The township will pursue regional, county and state grant funding, as well as private funding sources, to engineer and construct the project.

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Love seeing new parks opening up in the Pottstown area. I use these all the time for walks and relaxation. Appreciate it!

John Henning



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