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Douglass Park Latest Park Improvements Are Underway

This round of improvements for Douglass Park entails the redevelopment of the tennis court area and conversion of one tennis courts into a pickleball court, expanding recreational opportunities for residents. Grants awarded to Douglass Township included $80,000 from the MontCo 2040 Implementation Program, $25,000 from Pottstown Metropolitan Regional Planning Commission Minigrant program (PMRPC), $20,000 from Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation (PAHWF), and $30,000 from a private donor. Matching funds in the amount of $19,000 will come from the Township.

The project will also include the addition of an ADA accessible paved pathway to the courts and well as a new accessible picnic table and site amenities.

Previous park improvements include new concrete surfacing behind the backstop at the baseball fields which improved the conditions of the baseball field to no longer be overly muddy during bad weather conditions. As well as improved ADA access to facilities, a basketball resurfacing project, and new play equipment.

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