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Coventry Woods Festival Recap

North Coventry Township's Coventry Woods Festival was held this past weekend, on Sunday, May 19th at 1954 St. Peters Road, Pottstown. The festival had a fantastic turn out and beautiful weather to accompany. The festival offered vendors selling locally made goods and food, as well as local food trucks like Dallas Fries and Kolb Farms ice creams.

Family-friendly fun activities included cow plop bingo, and chicken plop bingo, where players bought a ticket to guess where the cows and chickens… you guessed it plopped! There was also a puppet show for the younger kids as well as a craft center. The big event was the goat races, where the goat would accompany their handler or owner and race across the finish line. Check out the video below to see a snippet of the goat races. Lastly, guests and their families could go throughout the trail just to take advantage of a beautiful day!

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