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A Bright New Addition to the Signal Box Mural Project

The Pottstown Public Arts Committee's Signal Box Mural Project recently added its seventh mural.

The Borough of Pottstown, PARRC, and ArtFusion19464 continue the public arts project, which added several signal box murals downtown. The most recent addition is the signal box right outside of the Pottstown YMCA at the intersection of Jackson Street, and N. Adams Street. This addition was painted by Kayla Ackerson, who had painted one other signal box last year. The most recent project utilizes different shapes, patterns, and bright colors, it also has an uplifting affirmation in bold letters that says, “You are awesome.” Make sure to check out this mural along with all the other amazing murals that have been thus

far. All funding for the Pottstown Public Arts Project has been provided by a private donor and totals $25,000 to date.

If you'd like more information on the rest of the murals make sure to check out our blogs under the “about” tab on our homepage.

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