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Spruced Up Courts at Spruce Street Park

Spruce Street Park, located at 749 Spruce Street in Pottstown, was recently renovated with the help of local funding. Primarily, the park's basketball courts were in need of replacement which and improved access to the park was needed. The project was complicated by the opening of a sinkhole on the courts, which slowed the project schedule. Grant funding was received in the amount of $15,000 from the Pottstown Area Health and Wellness Foundation and $25,000 from the DCNR/Pottstown Metropolitan Regional Planning Commission's mini-grant program. Total project costs were roughly $87,000. In addition to the newly resurfaced basketball courts, ADA access was provided from the sidewalk to the new courts and the existing playground (see photos below).

Five Basketball Pointers:

1. Follow Through

Make sure that when you shoot you follow through and hold your hands up in the air pointing toward the basket. You'll be surprised how much more accurate your shot will be.

2. Perfect the Bounce Pass

Teams with great passers win games. They put their best shooters in position to shoot. The bounce pass is a great way to whiz the ball past a defender and into the hands

of your teammate.

3. Give and Go

After you make your wonderful pass, cut to the basket. This move gives your teammate the option of shooting or passing the ball to you for an open layup if your defender sags off of you.

4. Set Some Great Picks

Help your teammate out by planting yourself so you screen off his or her defender. Learn to see where the defender will be in a few seconds and put yourself in his or her path. Let the defender run into you, don't slam into him or her.

5. Be a Leader

Have a strong presence on the court, but don't hog the ball. Lead your team to a victory with encouragement and confidence. Talk it up on the court. Call out picks. Give high fives to your teammates after they make a good play. If you have good team chemistry, you are going to win games! (

So if you like to ball, grab the rock and hit the park! Nothing but net and new courts. I'm sure with some practice at Spruce Street Park you may be the next Michael Jordan. Remember to wear sunscreen and stay hydrated. Most importantly, above all else… HAVE FUN! Thank you again to Pottstown Area Health and Wellness Foundation and DCNR/Pottstown Metropolitan Regional Planning Commission for all the generous donations and contributions made to spruce up Spruce Street Park. A great place for all of us to enjoy with our families and community. (Written by: Haley Brooks 7/8/22)

The Courts: Before
The Courts and Access: After
New access to the sidewalk

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