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First Quarter Funding Awarded for PARRC Municipalities


The eight communities of the PARRC region were awarded a total of $233,400 in grant funding and private donations the for the first quarter of 2024. Most of the funding came from the Pottstown Metropolitan Regional Planning Commission (PMRPC) Minigrant Program for new park and recreation projects. The Borough of Pottstown received $25,000 for a greens replacement project at Manatawny Greens Minigolf, Douglass Township received $25,000 for the tennis court/pickleball court redevelopment project at Douglass Park, West Pottsgrove received $25,000 for the Veteran’s Park basketball court resurfacing project, East Coventry Township received $25,000 for the Parkerford Riverfront Park Master Plan and Engineering Project, Lower Pottsgrove received $23,400 for a paving and signage project at Ringing Rocks Park, North Coventry received $25,000 for Riverside Park's Boat Ramp and Adaptive Kayak Launch project, and Upper Pottsgrove received $25,000 for the Hollenbach Park Engineering Project.

A private donation of $60,000 was awarded to the PARRC Foundation for PARRC communities that will cover multiple park projects across the region. The new funding gives the Pottstown area municipalities the opportunity to continue to revitalize, improve and expand its recreational resources, and we are excited to provide updates as the new projects are implemented.

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