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Second of Signal Box Art Series Completed

Artist Alicia Wilby adding the finishing touches

The newest addition to the signal box mural series is complete and already dazzling passersby in downtown Pottstown. Thanks to artist Alicia Wilby, another once plain signal box has been turned into a beautiful display of creativity. Located on Hanover Street at Security Plaza, the mural brings a pop of color to the familiar face of a white-tailed deer, creating a psychedelic, eye-catching ode to one of PA's most populous wildlife residents. Thanks to private funding awarded to the Borough of Pottstown, these signal box murals will continue to pop up as part of an ongoing series overseen by the Borough, ArtFusion 19464, the Pottstown Area Regional Recreation Committee and a local volunteer. Be sure to keep an eye out for them and other local art initiatives next time you're downtown.

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