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Park Spotlight: Ellis Woods

Become more familiar with PARRC municipalities through park introductions.

Ellis Woods Park, a 71-acre space, is located at 855 Ellis Woods Road in Pottstown. The park sits right next to the East Coventry Township building and includes woods, meadows, wetlands, and farmland. Bordered by Pigeon Creek, there is an abundance of wildlife such as plants, a variety of birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians. Ellis Woods also features a fenced-in playground, pavilion, basketball court, pickleball court, a gravel loop, and nature trails. The park recently had wayfinding and interpretive signage installed along the trails which provide information about resources and wildlife as well as navigation of the trails.

The trails consist of a forest loop (0.5 mi), a creek trail (0.25 mi), a farm loop (1 mi), a meadow loop (0.5 mi), and a birder's loop (1.5 mi). Walking along these routes, visitors can explore native plants, wildlife, water views, scenic overlooks, bird habitats, and more.

With such a beautiful space, respect is expected to be given. Visitors are asked to be respectful of the wildlife and residents who border the park. Visitors also should bring all trash out of the spaces and take their own trash with them out of the park.

Ellis Woods Park is suitable for all ages and provides lots to do, from playing pickleball to walking the trails.

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