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Resource Management & Stewardship

The Circle of Progress:                          Tri-County Trail Study

With the assistance of DVRPC, PARRC completed a study that examined local and regional trail connections that are within the Circuit Trail System. Implementation is currently underway. 

Greater Pottstown Trails Feasibility Stu

Milkweed Plantings

Monarch butterfly populations have declined over the past decade. PARRC has planted milkweed at appropriate locations to create habitat for their numbers to increase. 

Emerald Ash Borer Management

The Emerald Ash Borer has decimated ash trees within the PARRC system. PARRC members have been proactive in removing trees before colonies of borers become too large. 


Tri-County Trail – Design Plans


_Coventry Trail_Trailhead.jpg

Spotted Lanternfly Management

The Pottstown area is in the hot zone of the Spotted Lanternfly infestation.  While there are few natural predators to slow their destruction, PARRC has notified residents of the mitigation measures within the quarantine area. 

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