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PARRC Introduces Empower Your Park Program

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

The Pottstown Area Regional Recreation Committee (PARRC) has partnered with the Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation to begin a volunteer program within the seven municipality PARRC region. The PARRC region has over 40 parks and trails that each municipality works to maintain, improve and expand.

The initiative, named "Empower Your Park" aims to connect people with the parks and trails through volunteering. Local park and recreation professionals do an excellent job in maintaining their parks and trails, but volunteers are critical to delivering high quality recreation resources in the Pottstown area. PARRC needs your help to make our parks and trails even better!

In the spring and fall, PARRC municipalities will offer opportunities for residents to get involved with their local parks and trails, work alongside township representatives, and to give back to their communities. Projects include park and trail cleanups and maintenance, tree plantings, painting and similar activities. This fall, four volunteer events will be held across the PARRC region:

Join PARRC for a few hours to help out your local park or trail--grab a friend, bring some work gloves if you have them and Empower Your Park!

Interested in becoming an Empower Your Park volunteer? Fill out the Volunteer Form.

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