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Hands Up for Schuylkill Highlands

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

The Schuylkill Highlands Partnership consists of a group of local, county and state governments, land trusts, nonprofit organizations, watershed associations, and business representatives in a six-county area working together to protect, connect and sustain the amazing natural, recreational, and cultural gems in the Schuylkill Highlands. The Schuylkill Highlands Partnership has been working strategically on the ground for nearly 15 years with the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources and communities developing value driven, place-based projects focused on land conservation, water quality, land and water trail improvements and nature-based tourism.

The Schuylkill Highlands Conservation Landscape hosts a yearly mini-grant program to advance landscape wide project work. Over the years, PARRC communities have received funding for park and recreation improvement projects. This year, several PARRC communities have received grant awards from this program, including:

  • Lower Pottsgrove Township, $2,500 for new park signage in Sanatoga Park

  • Borough of Pottstown, $5,000 for a Tree Management Plan for Riverfront Park

  • North Coventry Township, $15,000 for a Master Plan for Bickel Run Park

  • East Coventry Township, $4,300 for new signage at the Schoolhouse Road Trailhead

The communities of PARRC greatly appreciate the support they receive through the Schuylkill Highlands Mini-grant Program which allows them to continue to provide high quality park and recreation resources to their residents and visitors.

Where would you like to see improvements in your parks?

  • Playgrounds

  • Trails

  • Athletics

  • Cleaner water

Photos: Courtesy of PARRC

By: Haley Brooks

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