Regional Recreation Coordinator Position

PARRC seeks to hire an experienced professional with a diverse skill set to provide technical and planning assistance, and coordination of parks, recreation, trails, and open space projects and programs for the seven municipalities and the region as a whole. Implementation of the 5-year Strategic Plan is a priority.  See Announcement, Job Profile and Job Description below if you are interested in applying. Deadline for application:  March 1, 2021 by 5:00 PM.

PARRC employs a resident intern to assist us with various projects at different times of the year. The internship can be part or full-time.  We are interested in people or students who have a related background in park and recreation, landscape architecture, planning, municipal management or other related fields.  In the past, we have inventoried park facilities, performed user observations, conducted surveys of park users experiences and evaluated recreation programs. 


We are now seeking an intern to assist us with implementing our Strategic Plan.  Several initiatives we are needing help with include: Updating our Facilities Inventory; Website Design; Marketing/Brand Recognition; Developing a Volunteer Program; Revenue Sustainability; Sponsorships; Streamlining Maintenance Practices; Sustainable Practices and Organizational Management.

If you are interested in an Internship, please go to the Contact tab and let us know who you are!


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