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Restoring Potts Drive Park

Potts Drive Park is one of the many parks which have recently undergone projects, and the park just reopened after a few improvements were made to the space. The neighborhood park is a half-acre park located at the end of Potts Drive in The Manor, a neighborhood on the western edge of Pottstown Borough. The park features include open grassy areas, a playground, swings, and a basketball court.

The renovations to Potts Drive Park consist of the installation of new playground equipment suitable for ages 2-12 and improvements to the basketball court. There were also additions of a 3-bay swing set with belt, bucket, and ADA swings. The basketball court's renovations included the addition of new hoops, backboards, and a resurfacing of the court. The restorations to Potts Drive Park are a great resource for safe play for children in the neighborhood and will allow for a community space where neighbors can interact with each other.

This project would not have been successful without the support and funding from the following:

- Pottstown Area Health & Wellness Foundation

- Pottstown Metropolitan Planning Commission (with funding from PA Department of Conservations and Natural Resources)

- The Walmart Foundation (through the support of Pottstown's Walmart Supercenter at 233 Shoemaker Rd.)

PARRC and the Pottstown Area is very appreciative of the support from these organizations and the patience of the community during this process! Visit Potts Drive Park to see and enjoy the new improvements!

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