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Park Spotlight: Prout Farm, Sunset, and Murgia Parks

Become more familiar with PARRC municipalities through park introductions.

Prout Farm Park, Sunset Park, and Murgia park are three parks in the PARRC region that are perfect for a small walk/hike and enjoying nature.

Prout Farm Park is located on W Moyer Rd in Upper Pottsgrove Township. The space features woodland, a meadow, a Community Garden, and a stone pathway. Sprogels Run Stream runs through the trail and connects Prout Farm Park to Althouse Arboretum. The 58.4-acre lot is perfect for a small hike, getting involved in the community garden, and scenic views of nature.

Sunset Park, also located in Upper Pottsgrove, is a 27-acre space that features woodland, a small pavilion, picnic tables, a stone trail, and a pond. The park recently had improvements to the trail which were completed at the beginning of the summer and more information can be found here: Sprogels Run stream also runs through Sunset Park and can be seen along the trail.

Murgia Park is located in West Pottsgrove Township and is 30 acres of woodland, open space with lawn, picnic tables, benches, an ADA accessible fishing platform, and a loop path. With Manatawny Creek running through the park, Murgia Park is a great spot for fishing and water views. Murgia Park is the perfect spot for a picnic or small gathering!

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